Casambi Retrofit Universal Dimmer

CASAMBI Dimmer - Intelligente Universal-Dimmer für DMX


maintronic makes efforts in the bluetooth world!

Our proven phase LED dimmers are enriched with Casambi (Bluetooth) and are now available with wireless and can be operated over mobile devices.

Maximum comfort through additional features, such as the load number indicator, in order to optimally use the dimmer and to see how many luminaires of the same type can be used. Programmable FadeTime or SoftOff. The user has the best possible control over the light control, all very smart with the smartphone or tablet.

As you know, we are specialized in custom requirements and above all OEM, and we are already looking forward to strong partners in the lighting industry and sales.

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Advanced Adaptive Dimming
Control with Casambi
and Push Button
Load no. indicator
Zero load dimming


Innovative dimming process

„Advanced Adaptive Dimming“
This device is developed especially for the needs of modern lighting where the lighting source typically is LED. Easy commissioning due to an automatic measure during the initial power cycle.

Almost magical, the load is automatically measured. AdaptiveDIM calculates the optimum dimming characteristic and sets a stable MIN and MAX level.

Maximum dimming comfort with AdaptivDim even for mixed load combinations.



  • Automatic load detection
  • Autom. dimming behavior depending on load type
  • Adaptive Dimming
  • If a light source is detected as non-dimmable, the dimmer acts like as a zero-crossing switch
  • The current brightness value is saved when switched off


DALI LED Retrofit Dimmer

SoftOff Funktion

Lamp-friendly softswitch function LED compliant (soft ON and soft OFF).


Extremely robust

  • Short circuit with auto restart
  • over temperature (derating)
  • over current
  • over voltage

CASAMBI Retrofit Universal Dimmer

CASAMBI Bluetooth Retrofit Universal Dimmer Unterputzgehäuse UP

CRD300    Item.Nr. 10.271
  • 300W Retrofit-Universal-Dimmer
  • Control with Casambi and PushButton
  • Mounting: Installation in junction boxes UP
  • Input: 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 45 x 71(51) x 25 mm


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