Casambi blind actuator

CASAMBI Jalousieaktor - Smarter Schaltaktor für Jalousie, Rollo, Markiese, Tore


Casambi blind actuator for roller blinds / blinds / awnings. Automate your enviroment with Casambi ready sensors. With your tablet or smartphone controlling and configuration such as control time functions is very convenient and easy. Safe operation, forget sticking relays thanks to built-in mutual locking.

Quick installation due to a compact terminal, all internally wired for motor connection cable. Extended comfort functions such as longpress, toggle, scene and group functions.

Blind actuator for roller shutter,
blinds, awnings, ...
Wireless controlled by Casambi
Local control with
external blind switch
Casambi enabled wireless switches
Rich timer features
Flush-mounted housing


Group devices

Create groups for joint control.

Timer features

Run blinds with specific time.

Astro function

Drive the blind to sun times.

Secure motor control

Hard and software interlocked due to two 16A positively driven changeover relays.

Weitere Ansteuerungsmöglichkeiten:

Casambi enabled
wireless switches

Wireless Switch for fixed installations.

Local control

Seperate output for external blind switch.

CASAMBI Jalousieaktor - Smarter Schaltaktor für Jalousie, Rollo, Markiese, Tore



Blind actuator Casambi

CBA UP    Item No. 10.750
  • 2 CH blind actuator
  • Control: Casambi, local control
  • Switching type: 2x 16A locked relay
  • Construction: Flush mouted housing
  • Power supply: 130-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 46,5 x 70(51) x 30 mm


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